Extreme Teachers

Lyndsey Bennett (LB)

Is Extreme ready for Swingers Hour?! (Well, half hour...)

Lyndsey started her dance journey 14 years ago and has now been teaching Ceroc for over 10 years.  Her dance passions include Blues, Argentine Tango and of course with her boundless energy - swing!  

Lyndsey successfully ran Ceroc South Wales for over 8 years and hosted the Welsh Champs for 6 years, during which she herself won 7 Open Championship titles and acheived many other wins (21 golds to be precise!) in Top Cat, ProAm, Double Trouble and Team Cabaret, plus she has also won a number of Blues titles.


Tim Stevens and Heather Lawson (TS & HL)

Firm Extreme favorites, this year Tim and Heather give you 'Funk N Groove' (intro to funky style musicality) as well as another fun intro to Solo Street Dance by Tim.

Full of energy and with a fun funcky style, Tim and Heather are always a big hit.


Veronika Oliver (VO)

Returning, by popular demand, for her second Extreme is London based Ceroc teacher, Veronica Oliver

Last year her musicality and incredible dancing was a massive hit, so it seems a bit of a no-brainer that Veronika will be running one of her infamous musicality classes. She will also run 'Its Good To Talk', which is a kind of sabotage, but not as you know it !!


Kate Skipper (KS)

Cornwall's resident bundle of awesomeness has always been a big hit. Since taking over Ceroc Conexion, her popularity is at an all time high

Kate will be partnering up with the legend that is Sarah Bolitho to dual teach one of their awesome Ladies Stylin' classes as well as 'Seamless Links' - An upbeat, fun lesson that blends moves together is a seamless, smooth flow

Sarah Bolitho (SB)


Todd Dowty (TD)

Founder of Ceroc Conexion (now run by Kate above), organiser of Ceroc NC and your host for Extreme, and this year Todd is one of your Extreme Teachers.

Todd is teaching a Smooth, slotted class (much like the style he is well known for) with a focus on the body leading element, followed by 'Elasta Blues' which steals techiques from the slotted class and combines them with some Blues